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  • Originally from Michigan, I am a Mid-Western girl at heart but have been enjoying life on the East Coast for the last 10 years.

  • I lived in a tent for one month at the Sivanda Ashram in the Bahamas where I followed a yoga teacher training. Spiritual bootcamp at its finest!

  • I love to travel somewhere warm in the Winter and am a HUGE fan of European vacations.

  • I hiked Mount Washington solo, and not under the greatest weather conditions.

  • I tend to make new friends or meet great people on my adventures.

  • ​I always laugh at my own jokes

  • My favorite food is....that's tough, ask me later.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Ruffalo @ Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. He's one of my favorite actors.

  • My Ayurvedic Dosha is Pitta-Vata

  • I am an Epicurean in my appreciation for simple pleasures of life that bring tranquility, contentment
    and serenity.

  • I am a self-care junkie and proud of it!

  • A simple gesture makes my day :)

  • I feel super grounded in nature


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“I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who is tired of being tired and ready to make that change. I’ve maintained the weight I have lost and have started to incorporate daily walks, yoga and strength training. The best of all, eating clean and drinking lots of water have helped my physical appearance look healthier. My skin looks clear and my body less bloated.


I’m amazed and blessed to have
her help me on my journey!  ”

Sheng K. (Brighton, MI)

“Kimberly helped me address my gluten intolerance with a more balanced diet as well as cutting out unnecessary sugar intake at breakfast. I feel re-energized, lighter, and noticed a healthier looking skin thanks to her fantastic recommendations! She offers a holistic approach along with a true understanding of my needs, I couldn't be more satisfied with her help!"

Tom C. (Newton, MA)

Kimberly is fabulous!

I’ve been in an "on and off" relationship with healthy eating and exercise for years. The past year I finally decided to do it for real and Kimberly has helped me immensely. From finding the gym to work out at, and guiding me through the food selection process, she has been my go-to person to consult with anything food and wellbeing related. We worked on a food plan that works best for me and will support me during my busy days. I am also back down to my weight from 2 years ago. Can’t recommend her enough."

Pavlina A. (Belmont, MA) 

"I really appreciate and highly recommend Kimberly Hogan. She is incredibly inspirational and knowledgeable in many dimensions of nutrition and
massage therapy.

She proactively approached me regarding her unique health program which involved an education on nutrition and a written customized food program.  She visited our house and communicated with my family to educate and gain support. As a result I lost 20 lbs. and now have an improved awareness.  The real win working with Kim is the positive attitude she brings to your life!"

Matthew F. (Needham, MA)