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Please take this 7 minute survey after you sign up for the 21 day purify reset.


“Kimberly at Youniversal Well-Being takes self care and knowledge to the next level by empowering, encouraging, educating us to have healthier ways to stock our pantry and to nourish our bellies, heart, soul and self love.  This is not a one-view process – Kimberly focuses on all aspects of our humanness to be healthier, brighter, lighter, clearer, and happier!  I have emerged feeling lighter and happier in all my bodies.  

Rosemarie C. (Newburyport, MA)

"The past six weeks have been a game changer. I’ve dropped 12 pounds. I am cooking and eating vegetables - and enjoying them 

Why did this health program work? It starts with the coach; she’s a good one. She’s informative, educational, helpful, accessible and responsive. She holds you accountable. She can be kind but also tough when needed. Most importantly, she cares! I can tell she does. I know she’s a good person and wants me to succeed. I have countless texts - almost daily - that provide answers, support, food alternatives and encouragement. Like the best and most successful coaches, she’s all in. And I imagine that’s the case with any of her sincere clients." 

Kevin L. (Needham, MA)

"Kimberly has an obvious passion for health, wellness, and helping others, which was evident through her attention to detail during the 7 Day Detox group.  From the amount of time she spent reviewing my intake form and providing detailed, individualized feedback to the similarities in the partner she paired me with, I felt like she was really able to tailor the group to each participant.  Everything that was provided during the group (recipes, journal prompts, etc.) really helped me to dig deep and think about how I am feeding and treating my body, and I will take these lessons with me moving forward." 

Bridgette M. (Malden, MA)

"I recently finished Kim Hogan’s 21 day detox and recommend it for people who want to jump start a healthier approach to food, exercise and hydration. I initially expected to observe my husband when he did this challenge and adapted the same changes. These were surprisingly easy to adapt to and quickly impactful. I feel more energetic, less focused on starchy and sweet foods, and able to moderate my consumption of the less healthy food and drink. I lost a few pounds although that wasn’t my intent and highly recommend this program for people who want help to take control of their food habits.

Lisa C. (Needham, MA) 

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About Microbiome

Lined within the gut is your microbiome, a vast, intelligent ecosystem that is populated by bacteria, fungi and organisms that are essential to a well-functioning life. They are vital to breaking down food, toxins and producing essential vitamins, hormones and other nutrients to feed your system. If unbalanced, all sorts of issues can crop up, from Irritable Bowel Syndrome through to a weakened immune system, obesity and depression to name a few.


The microbiome is critically important to your digestion, your immune system and the production of certain hormones, amongst other functions. The quality and diversity of the microbiome influences general bodily health and even brain health. It also affects how some of your genes express themselves!


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