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Meet Kimberly

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I'm Kimberly and I want to help you change your life. Are you ready to uncover the healthiest version of yourself?


My passion for health and wellness began in 2005 when I embarked on an intensive medical massage program at the Michigan School of Myomassalogy. In 2009 I  became a nationally certified massage therapist and re-located to Boston, MA where I continued to explore all levels of health, specifically the role of nutrition in feeling well. 

I obtained my primal health coach certification through the Primal Health Coach Institute in November 2020 and continue to expand my knowledge in the wellness world. My purpose and passion in life is to guide you to see your own highest potential and let go of limiting beliefs & fears that are no longer serving you. 

So, why should I be your health coach? 


Let's face it. There is a lot of conflicting information about health out there, and it can get downright confusing!  So confusing, you might even give up before you start trying.


That's where I come in. I can help you break through the static and help you find what works best for YOU. 


If you are like most people, you who grew up on the standard American diet (SAD), which consists of highly processed meats and grains, dairy, potatoes, corn, and one of the biggest killers: SUGAR.


You are probably already thinking, "If I can't eat that, then what CAN I eat?"


Don't worry, I have you covered.


After one coaching session with me, you will likely be surprised to see that the whole world of REAL food begins to open up to you. Over time, not only will you feel and look better, but I guarantee you will enjoy food more than ever before.


I am here to help educate you (and your family) so you can make healthier choices to suit your lifestyle and increase longevity.




A focus on your Microbiome

Lined within the gut is your microbiome, a vast, intelligent ecosystem that is populated by bacteria, fungi and organisms that are essential to a well-functioning life. They are vital to breaking down food, toxins and producing essential vitamins, hormones and other nutrients to feed your system. If unbalanced, all sorts of issues can crop up, from Irritable Bowel Syndrome through to a weakened immune system, obesity and depression to name a few.


The microbiome is critically important to your digestion, your immune system and the production of certain hormones, amongst other functions. The quality and diversity of the microbiome influences general bodily health and even brain health. It also affects how some of your genes express themselves!

What does the microbiome affect?


By developing a better relationship with food & improving your microbiome the natural consequences will be:

-balanced hormones  

-improved digestion

-increased mental clarity

-reduced inflammatory response

-sustained energy throughout the day

-weight loss/ management

-more efficiently running body-lymphatic system

-less joint pain

-less hunger throughout the day

-improved circulation

-better sleep

-strong heart health

-solid immune system

Let's connect with a discovery call

 Choose me to be your lifestyle health coach & let's begin this journey together!

Be sure to look out for your discovery questionnaire!

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