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A 21- day gut reset and whole body cellular-level detox.

  • 1 hour
  • 650.00
  • From your home :)

Service Description

A 21-day whole-body cellular-level detox that cleanses and heals the digestive tract and rebalances the microbiome. It incorporates 5 scientifically formulated natural products designed to work in synthesis. This is not a calorie-controlled diet or a weight-loss program. Any weight loss is a happy and common side-effect. There is a carefully put together and not overly restrictive food list to encourage good bacteria to flourish. You are encouraged not to go hungry and most people find the food nutritious and delicious. We give you a wide choice of recipes to follow. Feeling good after eating becomes addictive, while sugar addiction slips away. Using doctor-designed questionnaires, we aim to help you feel better and able to measure your improvement. The Gut Reset program contains: Biome Shake, Biome DT, ProArgi9+, Body Prime & Biome Actives The 21 day program includes: -A 60 minute coaching session (prior to starting) with comprehensive instructions -3 20 minute check-ins during the program -30 minute session follow-up (post program) -Scientifically formulated natural products -Daily informative emails (we taking the thinking out for you) -A carefully crafted approved food list -Progress tracking tools

Contact Details

(248) 767 7570

Boston, MA, USA

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